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Outsourced Collections Managed Payable and Receivables Solutions

ARI removes the hassle of Accounting and Banking from your business allowing you to focus on what's important.


About ARi


Account Receivables International Limited (ARI) was founded in the United Kingdom where it has been providing outsourced receivables and payroll solutions. With a remarkable service offering and continued success within a niche market, ARI has expanded rapidly and is now operating in Dubai as well as Hong Kong. ARI is growing rapidly and within the first year of operations ARI has a presence in 3 continents and is fast becoming the reputed name in Outsourced Managed Accounting (OMA).


Outsourced Managed Accounting



  • Collection of all invoiced receivables
  • Global pay-in options in 3 continents
  • Completing live online account reporting daily
  • Secure portal with full dashboard management system
  • Automated invoice generation system
  • Totally managed platform with daily security audits 
  • Principal membership with MasterCard
  • Minimal documentation procedures
  • Account activation within 24hours 
  • Professional relationship management
  • Support staff positioned globally for round the clock assistance


  • Management and Settlement of all pending payables
  • Payout can be made from mutliple global locations
  • Management of all payable requests through the online secure dashboard
  • Account Statements available online
  • Fully managed and secure transaction platform 
  • Global payout (except to sanctioned countries)
  • Customer service centre

Payroll Solutions


Employee benefits

  • Easy salary collection from multiple locations
  • Withdrawal using MasterCard powered payroll card from any MasterCard
    ATM globally
  • Shop by swiping on PoS machines at any MasterCard
    approved merchant locations
  • Cash dispensing machines with multilingual support
  • Zero balance and partial salary withdrawal facility
  • No account maintenance fees or withdrawal fees
  • Customer service centre

Employer benefits

  • Built-in technology ensures 100% confidentiality and data security
  • Principal membership with MasterCard
  • Minimal documentation procedures
  • Quick, efficient and secure disbursal of salaries to large
    number of employees
  • Professional relationship management
  • Automated mail communication to payroll managers on salary release
  • Online portal for reports